Aeroleads PRO for Chrome

Add 1000+ Records from LinkedIn with 1 Click using Aeroleads Pro.

How to install AeroLeads Pro chrome extension

AeroLeads has two extensions for Chrome to find emails – Email Finder and Email Finder PRO.
This is page about Email Finder PRO.
To find prospects from Linkedin, with just one click, use the Email Finder PRO extension. Here is how to install the plugin in three steps.

Step 1. Download the extension.

Save the zip archive of Email Finder Pro to your computer.
Email Finder Pro (Ver.: 0.1.8)
Make sure you delete all other older version of PRO plugin and disable other AeroLeads plugin.

Step 2. Unpack the extension.

Unzip the downloaded extension and you will see the folder for the pro extension.

Step 3. Load the unpacked extension in Chrome

Open Extensions in your Chrome browser by clicking on three dots in the top right corner.

Enable the Developer mode in the upper right corner, click the Load unpacked button and select the Email Finder Pro extension folder
You will now see the Email Finder Pro extension in your Extensions window and in the extensions panel.
You can pin it to the Chrome toolbar by navigating to the Extensions and clicking the Pin icon.
Please make sure that you keep the unpacked extension on your computer to ensure access to it. Do not move, edit, or delete the folder with the extension to avoid errors.
Watch a demo video
And you’re ready to save leads to your prospects list! 👍