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Easily import all your verified emails from aeroleads to your gmail.

Import prospects from Aeroleads

Or upload from a CSV file without logging in!

We will import details such as the name, company name, and email addresses.

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Prepare your template

Use predefined placeholders (highlighted in orange) anywhere in the text, and we will automatically replace them with the contact details!

Preview your prepared emails

And click send to deliver them to their corresponding addresses!

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Our reviews

“Aeroleads already solved so many of my problems, and now I can directly upload my CSVs to use with Gmail without creating a new Google Sheet everytime. This tool is another amazing addition to my daily life now.

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Cameron Anderson


“You made it so simple. The option to directly import from the Aeroleads prospects is especially useful to my team.

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Sarah Maroon


Time to take action

Join over 20,000+ happy users & make reaching out to prospects a piece of cake.

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We do not collect any data whatsoever from your gmail account or your csv files.
All necessary processes happen in your browser only, and your data never leaves your system.
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